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Joan walked out of 221b Baker Street. Minutes before, Joan had been in the kitchen looking for food. John had left earlier to visit his wife Mary. Joan looked in the fridge, only to find a couple of organs sitting on the shelves. "Sher- I mean, Will, why are there body parts in the fridge?" Joan asked.

"They're for an experiment," Will replied nonchalantly. 

Joan looked through the cabinets next. "Is there any food in this apartment?"

"No. I tend to eat out when I need food, or Mrs. Hudson will cook something for me," Will answered.

Joan sighed, and walked out. She pulled out her phone and looked up the closest grocer. She walked past a telephone box, which started ringing. Confused, Joan stepped inside and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello Ms. Watson. Would you be so kind as to step into the upcoming car?" the voice asked.

Joan looked around, asking, "Who is this?"

"I wouldn't worry about who you're speaking to. Right now, you are being watched from the traffic light cameras, and your ride should be pulling up right now." As the voice finished, a black Mercedes pulled up next to the telephone. Joan slowly hung up the phone, and pulled out her cell.

I just got a strange call from a phone box. Being forced into a black Mercedes. What now? -JW

After sending off the text, Joan got into the Mercedes. Inside there was another girl who was texting nonstop on her phone. Joan figured it would be best not to talk. A couple seconds later, Joan's phone beeped. Glancing at her screen, her text from Sher- Scott - flashing across the screen.

If you meet someone asking about Will who's somewhat rounded, then you have nothing to worry about. If he has a light Irish accent, call me first. -SSH

Another text flashed quickly across her screen from a different number.

Chances are likely you have nothing to worry about. John's quite used to this. -WSH

Joan's eyebrow raised a little bit at Will's message.

Also, add your middle name to your texts. If I'm going to get your messages and Scott's going to get John's messages, we need to keep you and John apart. -WSH

If you're offered money, take it. -WSH

Don't. Will explain when you come back. -SSH

Joan was a little amused at what the Sherlocks were texting. After the car stopped, Joan got out to meet an older gentleman with an umbrella. 

"Hello Ms. Watson. Enjoying your time in London?" He asked. 

Joan looked him over. Wearing anise jacket, so he must hold some kind of governmental position. Given his rounded appearance, he likes his sweets too much. Chances are he's the one I talked to over the phone. So he must have a high government position. From what I can understand from the Sherlock's, he's someone they know -

"What is your relationship to Sherlock?" He asked calmly.

Joan was caught off guard. "Sherlock? Most recently I've become his hired apprentice."

He looked confused. "How is that possible? Your an American who came to London for the second time in your life. That I'm aware of, you've never met Sherlock during your time. You've also tried to meet up with him over the internet, so claiming to be his apprentice isn't logical. So once again, what is your relationship to Sherlock?"

"Why do you care so much?"

"Consider me an interested party in the affairs of Sherlock. "

"You want me to tell you what Sherlock's up to?"

"Yes, of course. I'm willing to offer you a large sum of money for keeping eyes on him." The governmental man shrugged his shoulders. 

Joan looked a him with a cold face. "What's your relationship to him?"

"I'm the next closest thing Sherlock has to another friend, which is his enemy. At least he would call me his enemy. We've never gotten along very well."

Joan's phone beeped with a message.

Are you done yet? - SSH

Make sure to bring back enough food to help Will last after the family reunion is over. -SSH

Why not ask Mycroft to bring some food over to the flat if your feeling hungry? -JLW

No. Even if he offered and was already here, no. -SSH

"I'm sorry, but I can't take your offer. Sherlock's getting impatient, and needs me to come back with food," Joan said. Her phone beeped again.

Even if we were on the verge of death, I will not ask my brother for help. -SSH

Joan sighed.

"He's being stubborn," the man observed.

"Yes. When I suggested he ask Mycroft to help, he refused," Joan explained.

The man looked very confused. "How do you know my name, suggest my brother to ask me for help, but act like you have no clue who I am?"

Joan remembered Will's comment about the Mycrofts. "Oh god, I'm sorry. I didn't realize your Will's Mycroft. I thought you were talking about Scott."

"Ah, that would explain your relationship to my brother. I'm sorry for the confusion, Ms. Watson. Since you've met William, I guess that means he's told you to call me Mike. Even though I dislike being called that." Mike sighed. "Since you're only here for the family reunion, then paying you to keep an eye on William would be useless."

"Goodbye Mr. Holmes." Joan began walking out of the building.

"Goodbye Ms. Watson. See you again at the family reunion," Mike said at Joan's retreating figure.
I went ahead anyway. It was fun introducing Joan to Mike for the first time, as well as playing up the confusion. I do not own Elementary or BBC Sherlock. I only own this crossover. (Also, I don't know if I kept Joan in character very well. Please forgive me!(runs away and hides.))

alatarielarfeiniel Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
things were getting a little confusing there ;)
I like this :d (apart from the fact that I actually don't like elementary, this is great fun ;) )
MunRan Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Student Writer
I was trying for the confusion. Since BBC Mycroft and Joan have never met, I thought it would be interesting to write out their interaction with each other. Is it possible too confusing?
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